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As the secrets behind the perfect brow continue to be regularly discussed amongst magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar; blogs such as Mamamia and Harper and Harley; and the world's leading makeup artists including Liz Kelsh and Bobbie Brown; Afnaan from Arch Enemy Eyebrows has been creating the perfect brows for Sydneysiders, Melburnians and individuals from around the globe for over 20 years.

Officially founded in 2002, Arch Enemy Eyebrows by Afnaan operates out of Melbourne’s renowned hair salons, Worksense Haircutters and Avia 170.

Arch Enemy Eyebrows by Afnaan provides you with a specialised brow styling service in these chic spaces so you can sit back, relax and soak in the atmosphere as Afnaan personally works her magic to create your perfect brows. You will finish each session with a more polished look which you'll instantly love - empowering you to take on whatever lies ahead, with or without makeup. 


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"Unlike many beauty trends, the perfect brows never go out of fashion.  So no matter what looks you play with, or how your style develops over the years, your brows will remain timeless."

The story (and powerhouse) behind Arch Enemy Eyebrows

The story behind Arch Enemy Eyebrows traces back to Afnaan’s Arabic heritage, where the whole family would regularly get together to shape brows.  Attracted to the art and precision, before she knew it she was developing and refining her skills both at home and in the high school grounds.

A new chapter of the story occurred during Afnaan’s university years, where one afternoon while out shopping in Sydney’s famous Oxford Street, a store owner inquired about Afnaan’s brows and insisted that she have hers styled straight away.  From this day on, Afnaan’s clientele extended beyond close family and friends.

While Afnaan continued to progress her career in the academic arena while completing her masters, outside of her career, she also continued to pursue her passion for creating the perfect brows.  During this time, she also met her very own tall, dark and handsome prince, Aubrey.  And although she didn’t know it at the time, Aubrey would become both her husband and a key driving force behind what we now know as Arch Enemy Eyebrows by Afnaan.

As different opportunities started to arise, Aubrey and Afnaan decided it was to time to pursue a new path so they moved to Melbourne where Afnaan had a lucrative job within the corporate sector awaiting her.  From day one the job wasn’t right and Afnaan soon found herself working in the management team of a Casting Agency, and as word quickly spread of her brow styling talents, she soon found herself in the office styling brows alongside her other tasks.

As the wonders of the world started to call, Afnaan took an extended break from the agency and travelled the world for two years.  As those she met found out about her talent, she was soon styling eyebrows all around the globe.

Shortly after returning back to Melbourne and her role at the Talent Agency, Afnaan was head hunted by Estee Lauder, who was searching for the very best brow stylist to launch and run their Brow Bar in Myer’s flagship Melbourne store.  

It was at this point that Afnaan came to the realisation that it may just be possible to turn her passion into a career.  With the support of Aubrey, she accepted the position while also continuing to style close family and friend’s brows at home. 

The next two years were an incredible journey as Afnaan continued to turn her passion into her profession.  During this period Afnaan not only got engaged, but also married to her prince Aubrey. 

Driven by her personal passion to take her brow styling profession to the next level, Afnaan resigned from her role at Estee Lauder and founded Arch Enemy Eyebrows in 2002.

This new chapter saw Arch Enemy Eyebrows by Afnaan go from hiring a chair in one of Melbourne’s contemporary hair salons on Russell Street, to taking over the salon as Arch Enemy Eyebrows, Hair, and Beauty.

In 2010 Aubrey and Afnaan welcomed their first daughter, Bayanne and 15 months later, their second daughter, Bodeen. Both of which are their proudest achievements.

Despite maintaining her local and interstate clientele (which she refers to as her friends), Afnaan also continued to attract new clients. However, after adding motherhood to the mix it seemed the girls were growing up way too quickly, and for the first time the growth of Arch Enemy Eyebrows was no longer her sole focus.

So in 2016 Afnaan made the decision to sell her Russell Street salon and open the next chapter of the Arch Enemy Eyebrows story – moving into two of Melbourne’s most renowned and chic hair salons – Worksense Haircutters and Avia 170. Collaborating with Melbourne’s best hair stylists, Arch Enemy Eyebrows by Afnaan has again found its perfect positioning as it continues to provide you with a personalised brow styling service to create your perfect brows.


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